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1 Y2J: You To Jaejin [17 Dec 2009] la data de Mier 04 Noi 2009, 8:54 pm


Deci.. proiectul este facut pentru pe 17 decembrie implineste 18 ani [19 in Coreea].

Continutul l-am pus in spoiler [click pe spoiler] ca sa intelegeti bine ce trebuie de facut si sa nu aveti intrebari.

Project Y2J
Jaejin's 18th Birthday Project

Start Date: October 30, 2009
Due Date: November 27, 2009.

Anything received after November 27, 2009 at 10:00 PM EST (-5 GMT) will not be included in this.
No exceptions. There is plenty of time to complete your portion of the project.

What it is;
Y2J stands for You to Jaejin, if the Y2J sounds familiar, think of Y2K the computer virus.
Y2J is a way for fans to bring where they live to Jaejin, it's like you're working for a travel agency and want to advertise the qualities of your town/city
so that if someday Jaejin was to vacation or visit there for whatever reason, he'll have places to go and he'll know why they're significant/special to you.

What you have to do;
There will be a series of questions for you to answer regarding where you live.
You can answer with a picture, but there is a limit of 5 pictures per person.
Choose very carefully what pictures you want to use for answers.

The conditions are that you must take the pictures yourself, as this is your way of reaching out to Jaejin, it'll be more meaningful if you take the picture yourself.
When answering the questions, please don't say 'I want to bring him to my house' since... Well, we all want him to come to our house. Razz
And I'm sure he'd meet one too many parents that he'd get confused. hahaha

If you have a problem with taking pictures of the places yourself, there is a couple of alternatives, but this is really only for those of you who don't have a camera or are too young to do something like this that your parents wouldn't allow it.
---- You can write a small paragraph message to Jaejin, doesn't necessarily have to be about your town.
You can say whatever you want to him and it's your message, make sure to tell him Happy Birthday, though.


You can answer the questions below and sketch it, either on Paint or paper, but if you sketch it on paper, you have to scan it, because I'm not accepting mail in this time.

If you know any primadonnas in your town/city, it might be fun for a whole group of you to get together and do this. It might be a lot of fun for all of you if you work in a group.
You can include yourselves in the pictures if you want (face, body, ear, your big toe). Like I've said, this project is for you to reach out to Jaejin.
Who knows, maybe some day he'll come to your city and if he remembers your entry, he'll go to the places you sent in.

ps. You can take pictures of a shopping mall, restaurant, movie theater, beach, whatever place.
Give him suggestions.


oo1. What's your name & where are you from? (First name is fine)

oo2. What location(s) would you want Jaejin to visit?

oo3. Why is this/are these places important to you?

oo4. If Jaejin were to come up to you while he's visiting and asked you about these places, what would you tell him?

oo5. If he asked you to show him around your town/city, would you be his guide around your town/city?

oo6. Is there any food special to your country that you want him to try?

Answering questions with a good explanation consisting of a few sentences would be nice.

Or you can email it to [Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]

am intrebat de cei care NU au loveft-i account, si mi s-a raspuns ca aia pot sa trimita email[care e postat in spoiler].
deci.. nu aveti nicio scuza :)). nu e foarte greu. nu trebuie sa ii desenati nimic,nu trebuie sa cumparati nu stiu ce minuni.. pur si simplu niste poze si niste cuvinte.

ps: daca aveti de gand,va rog sa spuneti. si fara razgandiri :-l

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